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Trauermarsch - Yuki Makoto

A shrine to the P3 brotag. Since August 1st, 2014.

Manliness - Kanji Tatsumi

A shrine to the manliest man in gaming, Kanji Tatsumi. Under construction!

Starship Troopers - Clefairy

A one-page site to the manliest of Pokemon. And if you disagree you are wrong and have never had to battle a Clefable in a proper IV Pokemon battle.

Pianissimo - Kaworu Nagisa

A short site dedicated to everyone's favourite anime homo, Kaworu Nagisa. Hold on to your butts for lots of Kawoshins!


Midori Sour is the name of an alcoholic beverage. It was named that because I was drinking one at the time Samantha asked me what subdomain name I wanted. If you are of legal drinking age in your country, I highly recommend hon honing around a Japanese cultural centre with a Midori Sour in one hand and manga in the other -- you'll blend right in with the locals!

PK is the Internet alias of a Canadian woman. She drinks way too much coke, has a bad case of the weeaboo, might as well have a WiFi connection surgically implanted in her and is an embarrassingly big Nintendo fangirl. She is a Photographer and Beat Reporter by trade, Retail Rockstar in practice! (*sob*). She's an ENTJ, Type 9 and all-around cool guy (gal?) that pulverizes nerds (by nerds I mean beating Super Nerds in a Pokemon game).

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